Quick Event

Do you have an upcoming event that you want to shape up for?  Tighten & firm up your body in 8-weeks with the Quick Event program.  For that little black dress or barely-there swimsuit, this program will help to accelerate your metabolism to get you ready for that event or vacation.


  • Initial nutrition assessment
  • Diet diary with review
  • Receive a customized meal plan with updates bi-weekly to ensure progressive results
  • Receive recipes and nutrition guides to optimize nutrients that aid in fat burning
  • Receive bi-weekly email support throughout the program to keep you motivated and progressing towards a leaner, tighter body

Quick Event 300$ 

Stick to it diet

Want to lose weight but dread the idea of a strict regimen?  Perhaps you’ve tried multiple diet programs and you just haven’t been able to stick to them.  This is a common struggle and often the reason people get discouraged and caught in a cycle of self- loathing. 


Stick To It approaches nutrition  with these psychological hurdles in mind---it's structured to be realistic, flexible and maintainable.  The most effective program is not always the most aggressive one, but the one you'll stick to.  Stick To It allows you to  reach your goals in a realistic and effective way.  The best part?  You will be able to live your life, eat out, and go to social events without feeling anxious about falling off track. 


  • Initial nutrition assessment
  • Diet diary with review
  • Learn how to eat in a balanced way to optimize on your fitness goals
  • Learn how to eat to maximize your metabolic potential
  • Find out which foods could be hindering your fitness goals
  • Address any nutrient deficiencies
  • Receive an individualized 4-week flexible meal plan
  • Receive delicious nutrient full recipes to help reduce food cravings & prevent boredom
  • Receive weekly email support throughout the program to keep you on track towards your fitness goals.

Stick To it Diet 400$

Mind Body Soul

“What you eat in private- shows in public”, a more startling, and possibly shame inducing quote could not exist.  But is this always true? Ultimately, yes.  Nutrition is one of the the largest components of success no matter what your goals are.  Where most plans fall short is acknowledgement of the immense psychological factors that are at play.  These psychological factors determine whether you ultimately have the will and knowledge to be able to make the right food choices everyday---or if you'll fall back into the cycle of shame and regret because of a few hiccups.


In order to build this healthy relationship with food, an eating plan alone is often not enough---you need a plan to execute and stick to.  This is where coaching and having a go-to person in moments of weakness can make or break your program.  A coach can shift your perspective and have you back on the bandwagon instantly, preventing you from falling into the vortex that is yo-yo dieting.  Much like a personal trainer, a nutrition coach is there to push you pat your peaks and plateaus---and to hold you accountable for your eating.


We approach this delicate balance of nutrition and coaching from all angles, working with you to uncover the true cause of your eating habits.  We'll create a plan that sets you up for long term success--- a plan where you are not left to your own devices and you won't feel defeated.


“As the mind leads, the body follows”


Each Plan Includes:

  • Initial nutrition and lifestyle assessment
  • Diet diary with review
  • Address any nutrient deficiencies
  • Individualized eating guidelines that nurture your body and foster a weight and body composition that is right for you
  • Receive tasty and nutritious recipes to help reduce food cravings & prevent boredom
  • A look into how your thought patterns and emotions impact your eating habits
  • Weekly email support throughout the program to help guide you towards uncovering the causes of food and weight struggles.
  • Life coaching to facilitate your growth and development while overcoming perceived obstacles.  In the kitchen and about to make a bad decision?  Or made one already?  Email us and don’t let a small deviation snowball- we will be there with the right advice to shift your perspective and keep you moving in the right direction.

Mind Body Soul 500$