Group Class

Boxerfit classes are one of the most sought out classes in Vancouver.  They provide a high intensity, total body workout in a group setting that allows you to learn and develop boxing skills.  The group classes are structured to teach males and females of all skill levels---from beginner to professional boxer---and designed to help each participant reach their fitness goals.


The workouts vary from class to class so that your body does not plateau---keeping your mind and body sharp.  Our group classes offer an energetic and motivating environment to help you achieve your goals---including a healthier body, mind and spirit.

Personal Training

Working with a personal trainer provides you with the motivation and education needed to reach and maintain your fitness goals.  Research has proven that working one-on-one with a personal trainer generates faster and more efficient results, with fewer injuries than training on your own.  For those who desire extra attention, greater scheduling flexibility or want to add variety to their routine---personal training is the way to go.  Our personal trainers take each client's individual goals into consideration when designing their program and workouts.  As your body changes over time, your trainer will modify your program accordingly.


Partner Training

We understand that some people feel more comfortable training with someone they know.  Having a friend, co-worker or family member join your personal training session can increase motivation, inject fun, and add a little friendly competition. 


Our trainers will customize each exercise program to suit both you and your partner's health and fitness needs.  Partner training is great way to get a personal training experience at an affordable rate.

Team Cross-Training

For professional athletes and sports teams, including hockey, lacrosse and soccer---Boxerfit offers diverse and customized programs to help enhance athletic performance and stamina.  Public service professionals, including police officers and firefighters can also reap the many benefits of team cross-training.  As a team activity, it offers a fun, exciting way to train and bond with each other---increasing morale and optimizing team chemistry.

Nutrition Coaching

In combination with exercise, nutrition is key when it comes to optimizing and sustaining your fitness goals.  With all this misleading information at the touch of our fingertips, it's no wonder we feel confused when it comes to eating.  Whether you are looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or just boost energy--- having a nutritional coach can help you sift through this information and build a program that's right for you.