About Our Team

Pouyan Abedini


Boxerfit Founder, Pouyan Abedini, has over 20 years of boxing experience in and outside of the ring.  Throwing his first punch at the age of 11, Pouyan has an extensive list of accomplishments, including; 7-time BC Champion, Canadian Champion, Canada Games Medallist and 2007's Best Male Boxer of the Year.  A former member of BC's Provincial Boxing Team and Canada's National Boxing Team, this BC Hall of Famer has fought in over 50 fights throughout his career.  While Pouyan still trains for the occasional fight, his passion for the sport has shifted to outside of the ring---using his BCRPA for weight training and group classes.  From champion to motivating coach, Pouyan equips his students with the proper skills and knowledge to attain their fitness goals. 

Sam Nahid


Having previously been obese throughout most of his high school years, Sam knows first hand how difficult it can be to adjust to a healthy lifestyle.  At his peak, Sam weighed in at an astounding 257 pounds.  Being only 15 at the time, Sam endured a great deal of hardship from his fellow classmates due to his obesity.


Moreover, he was unable to participate in most of the physical activities that his peers were involved in; even running a single lap around his school was a daunting task.  In the summer of 2011 Sam finally decided to hire a personal trainer, Pouyan Abedini, and give it his all.  Over the course of just 4 months Sam had lost well over 50 pounds, and his campaign for a healthier lifestyle had begun.  Sam's now a BCRPA certified trainer, and dedicated to transforming the life of others for the better.

Noya Madadi


Noya’s passion for nutrition and holistic living comes from her years of experimenting with various diet fads and the extreme lifestyle that comes with taking part in fitness competitions.


“We know it’s not just about calories in, calories out.  That didn’t work for us then and it hasn’t worked for us now, otherwise we would still have maintained our weight loss from the first time we ever dieted.  If you can’t stick to something long-term, it isn’t working for you.”


Noya believes every person is unique and thus has varied nutrition needs, which is why she is dedicated to working with individuals to find a nutrition lifestyle that works best for their body.


“I don’t believe in one specific dietary solution, different foods can support our body, constitution and health at various times in our lives.  Taking time to be mindful and listen to our bodies is the ultimate key to creating balance and long-lasting results.”


Noya has found much success in bringing mindfulness to the way we look at food and our relationship to our bodies---effectively optimizing fitness, vitality & health.


Boxerfit is an excellent workout experience which pushes your endurance and strength to the limit. The classes consist of clever routines and plyometrics combined with boxing. The best part of Boxerfit is not only the exercises but also the feeling of pride and confidence one gets from the class. For me, Boxerfit is a confidence booster and I personally recommend everyone to try it!

   -Jovan M

I always ensure to make time in my week to attend Pouyan's Boxerfit class. It is fun, intense and always high-energy. I love the fact that I'm able to eat what I want without having to worry about gaining weight. I recommend Boxerfit to everyone for a great 1 hour workout that leaves you feeling liberated.

   -Amy W

I've joined many gyms and attended various fitness classes in the past 3 years and nothing has kept my interest until Boxerfit. My goals are constantly being reached and I have the body I've always dreamed! Pouyan caters to every ones individual needs and helps us all succeed.

   -Nina A 

Ever since I started Boxerfit, I have lost 10lbs. But this isn't just about losing weight; this is about taking that initiative to make a better change for yourself. Boxerfit is my new lifestyle and I definitely live by it religiously. Waking up every Tuesday and Thursday mornings, I get excited about going to my classes. The anticipation of awesome music, a wicked workout and meeting new people gets me going. I'm truly thankful that I've found a workout that meets my expectations.

   -Veronica T 

I started boxing 10 years ago with great coaches such as Tony Pep. Everything changed in the past two years with good instructors moving on with their lives. Then I heard about this new young instructor Pouyan Abedini and I thought, let's try it! His coaching style reminded me of Tony Pep. I'm back to boxing again! Now, ten years older than when I started, Pouyan and his motivation make me feel as energetic and healthy as those years I started. Thanks Pouyan! Keep up the good work; I'm so proud to be your trainee.

   -Lily S

This class is a shock. When I came in for the complementary session, I assumed it was going to be just another repetitive dance-cardio workout. However, after the initial warm-up, I realized that this was totally different than any other cardio class. The first couple classes can be tough, especially if you're a bit out of shape. But after the first couple weeks, you start seeing improvements not only in your endurance but in your physical appearance, energy level and mood.

   -Kiarash K